• Ultimate Truck Bed Protection!

    Ultimate Truck Bed Protection!

    The sky is the limit when it comes to spray on bedliner applications. With virtually any surface capable of being sprayed and a choice of color and thickness, you are always covered. The most popular application is pickup truck beds and we have been applying bedliner to them for over 15 years. We are an authorized Ultimate Linings dealer and use their High pressure Xtreme liner truck bedliner. Over the last few years Ultimate Linings has grown tremendously by having the contracts at many OEM vehicle manufacturing facilities where they install spray on bedliner’s on the assembly line. Many dealerships recognize the appeal and benefit to having the bed protected from its start and have them coated before they reach the dealership; this is a good choice and fortunately for us we offer the exact same chemical and quality that the manufacturer trusts and depends on.

    Your truck may not come with one from its birth but we, daily, add spray on bedliner’s to them. No matter its state, a pickup truck bed can be coated and protected from the elements. A spray on bedliner offers many perks with it being skid resistant, able to absorb impact and is cosmetically appealing. Our chemical is a two-part mixture, applied at 2100 psi with an 8 second hardening time; the chemical is cured to the touch almost instantly and ready for any use within the first day. Once it’s on, it’s not coming off; there are cases where we have removed bedliner from vehicles for numerous different reasons and when we do it takes a lot of “elbow grease”. With it being a permanent application and its life time warranty, you can feel confident that it will stand up to the elements and bring the life expectancy you require.

    If you can think it, we can spray it! Boat, jeep and truck interiors, trailers and flat beds are only some of the application possibilities; with the correct primers and promotors we are able to expand our application options and meet your needs. Remember, “The sky is the limit”!