Complete Car Protection

Complete Car Protection

Being a Llumar dealer gives us the ability to provide complete protection for you and your car’s interior/ exterior. The opportunity to do automotive window tinting came our way a few years after opening our doors in 1989. With us being a glass shop, it only made since to also tint the glass we installed. Once we started learning the benefits of window tinting and, the simple fact that it makes a car look good, we were all in!  All these years later it is even better with more benefits, applications, and a large support network anytime we need it. We became a Llumar dealer directly after we began tinting and nearly 30 years later we are still partnered with them. Here at Gaston we strive to give and be the best, with Llumar we are!

Not stopping at interior protection, we also install exterior paint protection that is a clear film which is almost undetectable to the eye. With carrying a 10 year warranty to not discolor or peel, your paint is in good hands from road debris, car washes, run away shopping carts and much more. The film is even “self-healing” just because there is a scratch in the film doesn’t mean it is permanent. With the correct amount of direct applied heat the scratch will disappear before your eyes!

Whether inside or out, with Llumar films we have your vehicle protected and looking great!

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