• Avoid the Sunroof Leak

    With Fall behind us and Winter here, the sunroofs in our vehicles have the highest odds of leaking and need a little maintenance to avoid unwanted water in our cars. Leaves falling, acorns dropping and dust in the air create an ideal situation for clogged drains lines overflowing into our cars.

    A sunroof is built with a “mote” around the perimeter under the glass and drain holes on all four corners. The sunroof glass keeps 90% of the water out and the small amount of water that is allowed to come in enters the mote and goes out through the drain holes. Following the long, hot, dry summer we had, the drain lines become very dusty and even though a sunroof may not have been opened, small leaves and dirt find their way into the sunroof cavity. It does not take much to clog a small whole and cost a great inconvenience.

    Prior to a leak or after it has happened, we can bring your vehicle into the shop, perform a 30-45 minute service on the unit by clearing drain lines, greasing the slides and getting you on your way. When it comes to sunroofs, a little maintenance goes along ways!